Borders Media LLC was born in 2018 as a collective group of artists whose goal was to provide creative photography services to our clients. As of 2022 we have continued to pursue our mission of capturing "Life Through the Lens". We have now expanded our services beyond simple photography and cinematography. Borders Media LLC can not only help you capture Life Through the Lens, but we will also help you live it by providing amazing event services.

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About Jay

Jay Borders is a published and professionally recognized photographer, cinematographer, and DJ from Saint Louis, MO. His journey into the media world began in high school on CBC News Network working as an anchor doing morning news broadcasts to the entire school. Years later, after rekindling his passion for media working for DePauw University Radio Station, WGRE 91.5, Jay began deejaying and pursuing photography as a hobby. After graduating from DePauw University he founded Borders Media LLC so that he could help others to capture "Life Through the Lens".

Jay continues to be fueled by his passion to capture Life Through the Lens. Borders Media has had the opportunity to provide content for many different brands including ProForm,

McDonald's, The St. Louis Blues, and Luc Belaire France. As well as social media influencers and icons such as Mya, DaBaby, Jeezy, and MiracleWatts.

Jay is fueled by his artistic passion to create amazing images and content that connects to his audience and those of his clients on a deeper level. Jay's passion pushes him to establish Borders Media LLC as a global brand and serve people all over the world in capturing their vision.



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